Photo 22 Feb 23 notes Don’t worry!
I’ll fly you there in my flying car c:

Don’t worry!

I’ll fly you there in my flying car c:

Photo 12 Jan 373 notes I was so confused at first

I was so confused at first

Photo 12 Jan 17 notes The game is on..

The game is on..

Photo 12 Jan 11 notes He’s like a teddybear or a dog, so sweet and cuddly in his jumper! <3

He’s like a teddybear or a dog, so sweet and cuddly in his jumper! <3

Photo 12 Jan 17 notes
Video 25 Dec

Merry Christmas <3

Text 23 Dec 1 note 30 Friends questions :3

01- Favorite Season

Probably 3 because Ross and Rachel are together and the football episode <3 also 10 because of phoebes wedding!

02- Favorite Character

This is soooooo hard, I love them all,but I think Chandler and Phoebe

03- Least Favorite Character

Honestly, they’re all amazing but: Ross. He acts like a baby and doesn’t let things go, he’s kind of spoiled.

 04- Favorite Monica Moment

When they lose the apartment in the game and she screams “NO!”

 05- Favorite Couple

I’d have to say Phoebe and Mike c:

06- Favorite Rachel Moment 

When she’s drunk and leaves a voicemail for Ross and at the end throws the phone in the ice bucket.

 07- Favorite Female


 08- Favorite Phoebe Moment

too many. When she says “I’ve got my new pager and it’s on vibrate” or “no wonder you’re pregnant” or “SO much you don’t know” or “When I first moved to New York my mom ha just killed herself and my stepdad was back in prison so I was kind of in a bad place you know…personally.”

 09- Least Favorite Female

I guess Monica but I love them all!

 10- Favorite Chandler Moment

"Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" so many but that comes to mind!

11- Favorite Male


 12- Favorite Picture of the cast

Not sure.

 13- Favorite Joey Moment

"Joey doesn’t share food!" "when Chandler kissed my sister I punished him for 10 years" "that was five years ago..

14- Least Favorite Male


 15- Favorite Ross Moment

"I don’t know why its coming out all squeaky like this, cause really *Deep Voice* I"M FINE" or when he gets tanned wrong.

 16- Favorite Guest Star

Alec Baldwin. He was hilarious especially with the oyster.

 17- Least Favorite Guest Star

Elle McPherson, Janine was kinda pointless and I didn’t like her at all.

18- Favorite Episode

can’t. I just can’t.

19- Favorite song of Phoebe’s

"Like a giant pigeon, Crapping on my heart."

 20- Best wedding

Phoebe and Mike, their wedding was so beautiful!

 21- Least Favorite Couple

Ross and Julie they were gross. Or Ross and Janis, they just didn’t work at all.

 22- Whatever tickles your fancy

 23- When did you start watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

I was six or seven.

 24- Favorite Quote

"You were my mystery midnight kisser?!"

"You were my first kiss with Rachel?!"

"You were my first kiss EVER?!"

"What did I marry into?!"

this is one of many.

 25- Most touching Episode, in your opinion

When Phoebe and Mike got married, because of her vows.

 26- How did you feel when F.R.I.E.N.D.S. ended?

I was devastated, like I lost a friend. *pun intended* but I still re watch all the time..a bit too much.

 27- Did you watch the Joey spinoff show?

I did. It was okay, I thought it was funny.

28- Favorite actor/actress

Matthew Perry

 29- Least Favorite actor/actress

Dont’ have one.

 30- Favorite Younger Days/Flashback scene

either the one that could have been when chandler turns off the lights and starts kissing and says “mmm yeah” and monica says “that’s the couch”

or when Joey comes in for some “lemonade”

Photo 15 Dec 331 notes If you love Mayday Parade, I love you.

If you love Mayday Parade, I love you.

Photo 15 Dec 47 notes Cassie looks so hopeful here.

Cassie looks so hopeful here.

Photo 11 Dec 25 notes Oli&#8217;s so cute. His eyes though ^ so fucking gorgeous.

Oli’s so cute. His eyes though ^ so fucking gorgeous.

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